Tuesday, August 3, 2010

China 'Sisters' Reunion

In July, we drove to Memphis, TN for a reunion with the 5 other families that adopted in our group. It was wonderful seeing how the girls have all changed. And it was great reconnecting with the families. I really wish we all lived closer together so we could meet more frequently. Even though the girls all had similar upbringings for their first year of life, they truly all are different people. Some are shy, others social. Some are climbers while others a still tentative walkers. But all were extremely beautiful, happy girls. And I think the mom's and dad's were a bit less stressed than the last time we all saw each other too!!!

March 2009 from left to right:
Addison, Carmen, Ella, Jaidyn, Emma and Kaleigh

July 2010 from left to right:
Emma, Addison, Kaleigh, Ella, Carmen and Jaidyn