Sunday, May 31, 2009

18 Months Old

Ella was 18 months old on 5/27. What a milestone! Considering that 3 months ago, she'd basically just sit in one position on the floor and not crawl or venture anywhere, here is a list of things she now does:
  • She is now walking (almost running!) everywhere
  • She has totally mastered using her fingers to put things into her mouth
  • She eats every type of solid food we put in front of her
  • She has gone from 5 bottles a day down to just 1 before bed
  • She hums all the time (when that girl does start talking, she won't stop!)
  • She recognizes our house when driving down the street (she bounces in her car seat and giggles when she sees our house!)
  • She knows what both the toothbrush and comb are for and will grab them from me to do it herself

Ella has done pretty good at adapting to our busy life. Ian has swim lessons, flag football, and now tee-ball. Ella is on the sidelines cheering him on (ok, she's actually trying to eat the grass!) at every event. Now that summer is on its way, we've started spending weekends at the family cottage. This was our second weekend overnight and she's definately becoming more comfortable with the surroundings. Although the water is still quite cold, she enjoys dangling her feet in off the dock, and swinging on the porch swing with Bill. But I think she likes the company of all her cousins most of all.

Below are some pictures taken over the last few weeks. She was baptized at the end of April. We went swimming at an indoor water park in April.